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What is 3-D Archery ?
3-D archery is a archery course where archers shoot at realistic three- dimensional animal targets. Scores are
based on the location of shot placement. For instance a heart shot rewards the most points - 10. A shot just outside the heart area (The Lungs) awards - 8 points. Any hit on the target outside these two areas gets a score of 5 points. Hooves and Horns count zero.

Shooters are seperated by category, which is determined by the type of bow, sex of the shooter, and age - see
"classes" below. Different categories of shooters compete from different distances.

3-D Tournament Rules and Classes
Longbows & Selfbows that form one continious arc with the string touching only at the string nocks and are shot off the shelf or the knuckle.
Recurves are those bows that the ends of the limbs curve back toward the back of the bow (the part of the bow opposite the side of the string) and the string lies on the limb directly below the string nocks. If the shelf of the recurve bow has a radius so that it cannot be shot off the shelf then a stick-on rest will be allowed.

Self Bows / Primitive bows may shoot wood arrows only.
Recurves or Longbows may shoot Wood, Aluminum, or Carbon arrows

3-D Tournament Rules and Classes
Anchor Points
Archers shall have only one anchor point. String walking is not allowed. The index finger must touch the arrow either above or below the arrow.
No Sights
No Mechanical Releases
No Stabilizers

Archery is a family sport so the use of foul language is not tolerated. Any person using foul language or abusive language shall be asked to leave.
Any person wearing clothing with foul language, inappropiate pictures or artwork displayed shall be asked to change thier clothing or cover up the offensive matter.
Mens Recurve

Mens Longbow

Mens Selfbow / Primitive

Womens Recurve

Womens Longbow

Womens Selfbow / Primitive

Youth (Ages 14 to 18)

Cub (Ages 10 to 13)

PeeWee (Ages 9 and under)
Original English Longbow (think Russell Crowe in the newer ROBIN HOOD movie) and most selfbows shoot "Off the knuckle", meaning there is no rest for the arrow. The arrow rests on the shooter's hand and therefore must actually bend around the bow, When modern traditional Longbow or Recurve will have a radius-ed shelf on which the arrow rests. The curvature of this shelf allows the arrow to be in-line with the string but still have minimal contact with the bow . Bows are described as being cut "to Center" or possibly "Past Center" dependent upon the distance of that shelf from the limb. Almost all compound bows and those traditional bows built from compound risers are cut "WAY past center" and usually require the use of a mechanical elevated rest - , a flipper, whisker biscuit, or even one of the plastic hook-type-"Weather Rests" . Keep in mind that the use of elevated rests is forbidden in Traditional Only competitions .... they work fine, in theory, but they complicate matters much more than necessary. Simplicity is the key to Traditional Archery.